Nutrition and Wellness Assistance
Community Organizations, churches and individuals join with OLM by donating their over abundance and by hosting food drives to help feed those who are hungry.  Programs include:

·         Client Choice Food Pantry
Clients have the opportunity to choose which items they would like within each category of food. Effort is given to providing clients with fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fresh dairy products.  When available, cleaning products, paper products and over the counter medicines are also offered. 

Wednesday 9:00a.m. – 11:30a.m. and 1:00p.m. to 3:30p.m.

·         Nutrition and Cooking Classes
Participants have the opportunity to make recipes while learning how to cook and how to provide nutritious meals for their families.  Each participant received a bag of groceries after each class and a certificate and a recipe book at the completion of the course. 
Offered two to three times a year, classes are once a week for four weeks. 
Call Operation Love Ministries for specific dates and to register for the class.

·         Food Delivery to low income senior housing.
Operation Love Ministries is currently delivering food to residents of Southdale Towers, which is a low income senior housing facility. Volunteers take orders, bag groceries, deliver the food and spend time visiting and praying with the residents. This service is only available to Southdale Tower’s residents.

Clothing, Household and Medical Equipment Assistance 

Clients are also allowed to choose free of charge, items which have been donated, such as clothing, household items, furniture and medical supplies.  When crisis and life’s situations leave people without clothing or their possessions, Operation Love can provide them with items to rebuild their lives and encourage them in their journey.   
Monday – Thursday 9:30a.m.-11:30a.m. & 1:30p.m.-3:30p.m.

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Volunteer advocates work with Madison County residents, their physicians and pharmaceutical companies to obtain maintenance medications for the residents when they have no prescription insurance coverage and are unable to purchase the medications     prescribed.  There are income guidelines which vary from pharmaceutical company to pharmaceutical company.  Once a client is matched with an advocate, they maintain that relationship. This allows optimum care for the client and ensures that they receive their medications without interruption.  Medications are free.  There is a $5.00 processing fee per pharmaceutical company used, but this fee is waived if the client cannot afford to pay. To see if a client is eligible for pharmaceutical assistance, they may call the office during normal business hours and an advocate will either speak with them or return their call.   

Emergency Financial Security

Financial assistance is given as donations are available, for those who find they are facing crisis situations. Operation Love Ministries’ desire is to assist people in moving out of the situation and into self-sufficiency and independence.  This is reflected in the situations in which we chose to provide assistance. Clients are requested to complete an application and then meet with a social worker before assistance will be given.  Operation Love strives to access the client’s needs and assist them in determining the options available and the best choices for them to reach their goals and have their needs met. There is a minimum of a 24 hour waiting period before receipt of funds is given, unless an emergency would require earlier intervention. Cash is not given, but payment arrangements are made with other organizations. Those interested in receiving assistance may come to the office during normal hours and complete an application. The social worker will then contact them to set up an interview.

Needs Assessment & Referral 

Operation Love Ministires assesses the individuals or families needs, determines what resources are available and assists the clients in connecting with those service. Their goal is to help the person requesting assistance to carry out and achieve their plan. This may require little to extensive assistance, which Operation Love gladly offers. The goal is to allow the client to be the one in charge of their success, while offering the assistance needed to help them successfully navigate the challenges involved in the process. Those interested in receiving this assistance, may call Operation Love to make an appointment.

Crisis Intervention

When a family or individual faces a crisis situation, Operation Love Ministries can offer assistance in two ways:

In events such as a fire, Operation Love works with the client to determine what is needed to help them start over.  They then work with the client, other organizations, churches and their own donations to assist the individual or family begin again. Clients are asked to bring their fire report with them when they come to fill out an application for assistance.

During times of emotional distress, clients are welcome to receive pastoral care and encouragement.  If the client desires continuing assistance, the staff will assist them in locating a counselor or counseling facility and make the needed arrangements for them to begin receiving help. Appointments are preferred but if trained staff are available, clients may receive assistance on a walk-in basis.


Needs Evaluation
Organizations which are uncertain of the validity of an individual’s request for assistance or are uncertain of possible assistance availaibe to persons requesting help from them, may ask Operational Love Ministries to evaluate the individual’s need, determine the validity of the need, provide a recommendation of services needed and assist the client in making those contacts.


Evaluation and Services Training
Operation Love Ministries provides training to churches and organizations on how to do ‘need evaluations,’ what services are available in the community and how to provide coordination of needed assistance with accountability.

Connect Volunteers and Ministries
Operation Love Ministries will educate individuals in what types of compassionate ministries are available in this community, help them evaluate what skills and interests they may have and where they are feeling called to minister, and then connect them with the compassionate ministry that matches that criteria, regardless of whether that leads them to OLM.

Volunteers are the heart of Operation Love Ministries.  Over 60 volunteers currently donate anywhere from a couple hours a month to every day the door is open to help those in need. This ministry would not be possible without the many volunteers.  The most important aspect of a volunteer’s work is to show each client that they are cared for and that God loves them.  Operation Love Ministries is a place of hope and safety in a world that can be very harsh.  The volunteers are the heart and soul of the organization, providing each person coming through their doors with encouragement and hope.

Not only is it rewarding helping others, but volunteers discover that Operation Love Ministries provides a caring family atmosphere.  Together, they serve those who are in need and serve each other.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at Operation Love Ministries, you may complete the application below or contact Clara Wright, Administrative Assistant at or 765-644-2121. You can be part of giving hope today and changing lives forever.


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